Barbara van den Heuvel (1972) born in Dreumel the Netherlands, is a visual artist who incorporates other material into her photographic work, combining elements of painting, collage and objet trouv√©. The real world manipulation of her photographs, the continuous re-photographing of resulting images and the addition of other materials seem to stem from a desire to “find” a finished work that reveals its essence. This is a photographer-artist who questions our very contempory world as it relates to origination of artwork, the appropriation of artwork and the position of both artist and observer.

Barbara studied photography at the Royal Academy of Arts in The Hague. She currently lives and works in Wamel. As a photographer she has worked for various clients, including The National Dutch Health Association, The National Donor Association and The Hague History Museum. She has also created graphic materials for magazines, CDs and book covers.


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